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Enormous Student Data Disclosure Threatens Student Privacy

“The state legislature must not allow corporations to download and take ownership of sensitive and confidential student information for potential commercial use. This is not in the best interests of children, schools, and families.”


CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg spoke with several reporters today about the data breech, including channel 3's Susan Raff. CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg spoke with several reporters today about the data breech, including Channel 3’s Susan Raff.

The Hamden School District’s disclosure of personally identifiable student data—without the knowledge of parents or students—to an education industry group should be a lightning rod for legislative action on HB 7017, An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy.

“School districts must safeguard children’s privacy, and they should never leave students and families in the dark when it comes to sharing sensitive student data,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen.

She added, “The state legislature must not allow corporations to download and take ownership of sensitive and confidential student information for potential commercial use. This is not in the best interests of children, schools, and families.”

The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER), an organization governed by corporate and industry officials, entered into an agreement with Hamden school administrators to secure personally identifiable…

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Call Gov. Phil Bryant and tell him to Veto SB2161 601- 359-3150 and save our children from this disaster!
3. “They took what elementary schoolers had been doing IN THE STATES WITH THE HIGHEST STANDARDS ALREADY and then DROPPED MOST OF IT DOWN 1-2 GRADES and called that “accelerated learning.” BUT there was a REASON that 4th grade material was done IN FOURTH GRADE. It was developmentally appropriate! Pushing kids to understand concepts 1 or 2 years beyond their little brains’ abilities IS NOT “higher standards.” Period. It’s just FRUSTRATING and making more kids hate school and feel like failures, and SQUASHING the love of reading and learning they’d have had if these ideas were presented AT THE RIGHT TIMES and in the right ways.”

elliepurple77's Blog

Okay, I’m just gonna say it: THE IDEA BEHIND COMMON CORE WAS GOOD. The higher standards and nationally leveled curriculum was a good, honest idea. Teaching kids to think critically is a good idea. BUT…what Common Core REALLY became is HORRENDOUS. Here’s what I hate MOST (trust me, there’s more) about THE REALITY OF CCSS:

1.  Obama and Gates and the Publishing companies made it 99% about PROFITS. Money for politicians, money for Gates, money for publishers of workbooks and test materials. Money for ADVERTISERS that paid for their BRAND NAMES to be included in the aligned materials and tests.

2. The people that actually wrote the standards were NOT educators, they were MARKETERS and RESEARCHERS with NO experience with CHILDREN’S LEARNING. All the REAL experts in education and child psychology are VEHEMENTLY and outspokenly against it.

3. They took what elementary schoolers had been doing IN THE STATES WITH…

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Pearson’s Yellow Brick Road

Your child’s social media accounts are being monitored for PARCC infractions by Pearson’s.


I have never been happier that we refused to allow my fourth grader to take the PARCC. Yesterday, I asked her what she’s heard at school about the PARCC tests her peers have been taking. Although she has never sat for a PARCC test herself, she was able to tell me that some of the 4th grade PARCC reading passages were from the Wizard of Oz (apparently one passage was about the Emerald City, and another told the story of the Tin Man). So in theory, if your child has not yet sat for the 4th grade PARCC, you could embark on a Frank Baum marathon this weekendto give your child a leg up on his or her upcoming PARCC test.

This is one of the many logistics issues that has never made sense to me about the PARCC test security protocol: especially in the age of social media…

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The Mississippi Bill of Silence: HB 449

Mr. Moore understands fully that by removing the superintendents’ right to speak out on behalf of students and teachers, he is in effect putting a muzzle on state educators, which leaves the legislators free to run Mississippi public education as they please.
If Moore’s bill passes, superintendents and principals will no longer be able to even mention a legislative bill, action or issue in an administrative meeting or faculty meeting without fear of being charged with a misdemeanor and fined up to $10,000.

I Don't Mean to Offend, but . . . .

It came to my attention last night by a very agitated teacher that Mississippi House Education Chairman, John L. Moore (R), had submitted a bill intended to silence educators across the state on education issues. The good thing is that the teacher expressed her shock and disbelief after school hours, and by doing so, she was not in violation of Mr. Moore’s proposed “Bill of Silence.” To be fair, some of Mr. Moore’s bill is common sense and justifiable. It should be a violation of state law for school employees to use school time, school property or school supplies for political reasons (i.e. a teacher should not be emailing his/her legislators at 11:30 a.m. when the school day is in session). However, if that is all HB (House Bill) 449 was about, I would not be writing, but unfortunately, he did not stop there.

As you read through the bill…

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WYBI Wednesday: ICAPs, Common Core and More!

Phil Bryant and other Southern Regional Education Board Members are involved in this movement to minimize our children’s education. Stay aware and fight for our children.


Recently, one of my fellow anti-Common Core Warrior friends in Colorado shared with me (along with others on Facebook) about ICAPs and Colorado. Individual Career and Academic Plans combine not only Common Core Standards, but Workforce, College Career Readiness, Career Tech Education AND IEPs (for those with learning disabilities)! So, being who I am, I became curious…are there other states with ICAPs? Indeed there are! Let’s dig in, shall we?

The U.S. Dept. of Education’s Archives: Knowing the US. Dept. of Ed. has so much information on all things related to CCSS, I started here. By searching for “Individual Career and Academic Plan”, I found the following archive, titled “THE RELATIONSHIP OF INDIVIDUAL CAREER PLANS TO PROGRAMS OF STUDY AND CAREER PATHWAYS “(see: published in Jan. 2011, it shares that back in the 1960s/70s, ICPs (Individual Career Plans) were a tool used by school guidance counselors. Then in 1983…

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PLUNKETT: #CommonCore is the last grab of freedom the runaway government will ever need.

“Common Core is but a part of a larger plan that is further along than most people understand. ”

Mississippi PEP

BY: B. Keith Plunkett @Keithplunkett

Three years ago I wrote an article about the brainchild behind Common Core and his visit to Mississippi, a guy named Marc Tucker. The article hardly created a ripple in our state at the time. No one outside of educrat circles had a clue what Common Core was then, and none of our state legislators could tell you the difference then between Common Core and an apple core (unfortunately not enough of them can now either). A few months later that began to change when the article was picked up and referenced by educational freedom and parental rights advocates in other states across the country.

Fast forward to 2012 and after having written a bit more on the subject, how it was progressing and the dangers it posed, I received a call from Senator Angela Hill. A former science teacher and all around advocate…

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 Join parents,educators, and legislators at 11am on the Capital Steps in Jackson to express concerns to our legislators over Common Core and Common Core repackaged.

Mississippi Common Core Videos



                                 Miss Rita Anderson compiled facts about the Common Core State Standard Initiative.

Mississippi Senator, Angela Burkes Hill gave information on Common Core State Standards to parents and teachers.  It was a standing room only event.

Mr. Glen East, Superintendent of the Gulfport School District addressed a group of parents concerning Common Core. Sen. Angela Burkes Hill and the audience were able to disclaim his notions. Need more proof?  Here:

Hear what two teachers tell themselves about Common Core so they can sleep at night.  Get ready to laugh and booooo. If you know the truth about common core, you will know these two teachers are misguided.  We support teachers through this horrible situation that is stressing them out and stifling their creativity but this had to go up online.

We may not take the easy path but we need to take the right path.  We need to stop common core until it is properly analyzed for Mississippi.

Approprate for 3rd Grade? Suicide Pacts?


Parents–Check your homework. This was in the Gulport School District.  It is my understanding  GPS have been teaching under Common Core for 2 years.  Even though this homework does not say “Common core” on it, it was chosen for a reason.




MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry        All Your Kids Belong To Us!

We need to stop Common Core!!!  This propaganda is part of a media blitz to transform the way you think about your children.  Have you changed your mind yet? Do you agree the government can raise your children better that you?

Call all the senators and tell them to stop common core when they go back to session. Here is the list of names numbers …