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Mississippi Common Core Videos



                                 Miss Rita Anderson compiled facts about the Common Core State Standard Initiative.

Mississippi Senator, Angela Burkes Hill gave information on Common Core State Standards to parents and teachers.  It was a standing room only event.

Mr. Glen East, Superintendent of the Gulfport School District addressed a group of parents concerning Common Core. Sen. Angela Burkes Hill and the audience were able to disclaim his notions. Need more proof?  Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K4URgulWhk

Hear what two teachers tell themselves about Common Core so they can sleep at night.  Get ready to laugh and booooo. If you know the truth about common core, you will know these two teachers are misguided.  We support teachers through this horrible situation that is stressing them out and stifling their creativity but this had to go up online.

We may not take the easy path but we need to take the right path.  We need to stop common core until it is properly analyzed for Mississippi.


Approprate for 3rd Grade? Suicide Pacts?


Parents–Check your homework. This was in the Gulport School District.  It is my understanding  GPS have been teaching under Common Core for 2 years.  Even though this homework does not say “Common core” on it, it was chosen for a reason.



Common Core Standards Exposed

Common Core Exposed: Standards Set by Whether or Not “Obama Likes Them”

Stop Common Core CPR2

A website Achive the Core  is dedicated to promoting the Common Core. According to that Website, the lead writers of the Common Core State Standards were David Coleman,  Susan Pimentel and Jason Zimba. The Governors and the CCSSO did not write the standards. Rather, Coleman, Zimba, and Pimentel wrote them and got the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association Best Practices (NGA) to buy in.

Who Wrote the Core

This admission is has long been suspected by Anti-Common Core activists.  In a speech earlier this year,  David Coleman  describes the Common Core Standards origins as “think of a napkin” and “few people in a room with an idea.”   In the excerpt below,

In other words, he was at a bar with a couple of friends and cooked them up. This is hardly “state led” or “written by governors” as common core advocates claim. Further, since Coleman, Zimba, or Pimentel have had no background in writing standards or in K-12 teaching prior to the Common Core Initiative.  It is unlikely they would have been selected to write standards had the CCSSO or the NGA decided to undertake such an endeavor.

As Coleman says in the video above, the standards were adopted because “Obama Likes Them.”  Coleman was part of the data team that helped Barack Obama get elected. That is abundantly clear from the video.

Exposing the Core 

Anyone who has ever been involved in addressing the common core initiative knows that the first argument one encounters is that the initiative was “State Led” and “Written by Governors.” Neither Coleman, Pimentel, or Zimba were governors or officers of a school at that time. It appears the trio were able to lure then Executive Director of CCSSO Gene Wilhoit with assurances of future employment once his stint with CCSSO was concluded.

This is exactly what happened when his term was up in January. At a press conference, Pimentel said of Wilhoit,

There is no single person who has worked harder on behalf of the Common Core than Gene. He has been essential to this effort since the beginning. Given the breadth and depth of his experience, across every facet of our public education system, his leadership will be invaluable in the months and years ahead

These standards are a pay-off to those in the Obama Campaign and those that facilitated his election. This is partisan politics at its highest levels. Nor does the cronyism end with the Common Core Writers.  For example, the Senior Adviser to Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia, Linda Darling Hammond, also served as an adviser to Barack Obama in his election campaign in 2008 and again in 2012.

It is time for Stop Common Core Activist to challenge the narrative promoted by Common Core proponents. This is crony capitalism.

Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education under both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, has observed that if CCSSO and NGA were to undertake such an endeavor to write standards of their own volition, the standards would be voluntary as an guideline, not mandatory to obtain funding from the federal government.  She also notes that input into such standards would be broad based, undertaken under public scrutiny, and not in the manner in which they were implemented.
Adoption of the Common Core standards is required for states to obtain funding through waivers to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). These are also commonly called No Child Left Behind Waivers, because they exempt states from certain provisions of No Child Left Behind provisions of the ESEA Act from the Bush Administration.

The Common Core initiative has adversaries on both the right and the left. The left opposes the high stakes testing component and the blatant involvement of corporations in the education process, and tying teacher contracts to the results of a test that has not been piloted. The right sees these issues, but focuses on constitutional issues such as violating the tenth amendment, the loss of local control of education, the use of non-literary readings which have a propaganda tone, focus on “Everyday Math style” non-standard math solutions being taught. The cause has brought two opposing forces together to form a large grass roots coalition of opposition.

45 States originally signed onto the common core and one of two consortia, Partnership for Assessing Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) or Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia (SBAC). However, there has been a growing movement away from these standards and consortia. Over this past year, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Maine, and Florida have withdrawn from the initiative, or provided local districts with opt out provisions. Several other states, such as Pennsylvania and New York, have pause legislation or  pending legislation or have governors who are reviewing the initiative.