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Mississippi Common Core Videos



                                 Miss Rita Anderson compiled facts about the Common Core State Standard Initiative.

Mississippi Senator, Angela Burkes Hill gave information on Common Core State Standards to parents and teachers.  It was a standing room only event.

Mr. Glen East, Superintendent of the Gulfport School District addressed a group of parents concerning Common Core. Sen. Angela Burkes Hill and the audience were able to disclaim his notions. Need more proof?  Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K4URgulWhk

Hear what two teachers tell themselves about Common Core so they can sleep at night.  Get ready to laugh and booooo. If you know the truth about common core, you will know these two teachers are misguided.  We support teachers through this horrible situation that is stressing them out and stifling their creativity but this had to go up online.

We may not take the easy path but we need to take the right path.  We need to stop common core until it is properly analyzed for Mississippi.


Approprate for 3rd Grade? Suicide Pacts?


Parents–Check your homework. This was in the Gulport School District.  It is my understanding  GPS have been teaching under Common Core for 2 years.  Even though this homework does not say “Common core” on it, it was chosen for a reason.